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If You Can Read This
HOW close do you want to get?
I'm in the middle without any plans 
15th-Apr-2015 03:07 am
New Basic
That Number Eighteen

I wonder what it would be like
To always be sure I'm right
Even as I pawn humanity with my justifications.

That childlike belief in zero-sum happiness.
Path undeterred by logic, temperance or mirrors
Victory defined by your own declaration.

I cannot imagine the feeling of void
The lack of memories of those I love
People you would have thrown away.

All the hearts and minds and bodies
Loving and caring and knowing I love back
Some longer than others have been alive.

Do your bridges burn so bright?
A moment worth years of ash through your hands?
How sad to lose the paths on the other side.

What isn't, was. I strove for "is," you wanted "will be."
Rewrite history but we can see through the scratches.
Such a bad trade, years for a month.
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