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If You Can Read This
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Please don't cite outliers as if they are the voice of very large… 
1st-Jul-2014 12:15 pm
New Basic
Please don't cite outliers as if they are the voice of very large group.
On the other hand, please don't tell me that since most people don't do a thing, it's not a thing at all.

Most feminists are simply women who want gender equality for everyone (everyone includes cismen and trans*people), Very few wrote insane manifestos, and only one shot Andy Warhol.
A lot more people than most cishet folks realize are on the QUILTBAG spectrum, and most of them just want to love who they love, be who they are and have more of the world leave 'em be, as most of the world leaves most people be.
Most people aren't asking for special rights, just equal rights. The only thing special about the rights is that they haven't gotten them yet.
Most people receiving government assistance will be off of it within two years, and are barely scraping by.
Most gun owners are sane people who keep their guns safe.
Most monotheists are decent people who don't adhere to the bizarre parts of their religion's holy book.
Most polytheists are decent folks who who don't find comfort in monotheism.
Most atheists are decent folks who don't find comfort in any theism.
Most people who are privileged are unaware of their privilege, and find it hard to accept that they ARE privileged, because they are aware of their own hard battles.
Most people who are underprivileged are fighting even harder battles that they are amazed others aren't seeing.
Most people don't mean to be unkind
Too many people find it harder to sincerely acknowledge or apologize for their accidental unkindnesses than to explain why what they did isn't unkind.

This post brought to you by The Letter Things I'm Tired of Hearing and the Number Comments I'm Tired of Reading.
2nd-Jul-2014 03:09 am (UTC)
+ a million. I guess it's just that the internet makes all the assholes seem so much more prominent. But in day to day life, what you post is what I find.
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