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19th-Jan-2008 11:59 pm - A polka-dot dress and a man-oh-man!
Catherine Fairy
So, we went to a Harry Potter themed party (with the lyrics of the Hogwarts School song as our version of the invitation-requested "Harry Potter Themed Performance Art." And everyone sang!)

Catherine wanted to be Ginny Weasley, so I loaned her a striped sweater of mine (the one I wore to be Betty Cooper at the last Toon Town Hop. It's got comic-book colors AND is Weasley-ish), but didn't dye her hair red.

I decided to go easy on myself and be a wizard trying to pass as a muggle. Polka-dot housedress open over sweater and capris, with a scarf tied around my head and decorated with earrings. I explained my concept to Catherine, and she ran to her dress-up box and brought me a polka-dot scarf, a feather boa and a lei!. I knotted the scarf as a tie with our hostess-provided paper clip portkey as a tie-tack, wore the lei as intended (though not over a sweater and a polka dot housedress) and wore the boa as a belt.

The point of the story? I LOVE THAT KID! She gets it!
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